Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Trump's road to greatness!

What is it with Americans for Trump?  I sort of see the appeal for a person that says what he thinks but does he really have to say everything that comes to his mind?  I remember growing up with people like this.  I have even, at times, been guilty of saying hurtful things without thinking but I grew-up.  There is this thing we do where we catch ourselves before we say something we may regret later.  This thing is missing in Trump, so he just spouts out whatever pops into his head. Some of what comes out sounds reasonable until you put it through the reality checker to see if it is possible.  Some of it sounds dumb even to low IQ voters...
The dumbest is the wall, one foot higher then the great wall of China, the billions of dollars that this would cost could fix or replace every broken bridge in the US.  He says he will make Mexico pay for it but that just isn't going to happen. If you believe that they will pay for it then your more delusional then Trump.  No either we will have to pay for it or it wont be built, end of story!
How about, "If I become president, we're all going to be saying 'Merry Christmas' again."?  Well not everybody is Christian and some people might resist this small piece of bullcrap.  What is he going to do, throw all non-Christian in jail?  Our prison system is already over-burdened from the failed drug war.  Any law forcing people to say 'Merry Christmas' would be unconstitutional.  So this is just not happening!
He said he would "Get rid of Common Core" and the Federal Dept of Education.  This sounds confusing because if he wants to make the US great again we need better education.  If we go back to a system where every school sets their own standards then fake religious charter schools can teach any nonsense they want.  While their students suffer because they wont be prepared for college. I feel that the Common Core should be harder and include Art &; Music. How can we be great if our students fall behind in the global arena.   This is not the right direction toward greatest!
How about doing away with the Environmental Protection Agency?  Towns across America like Flint Mi. are unable to drink their water due to population, even with regulation.  Many of Trump supporters aren't old enough to remember the dark clouds of smoke over most major cities.  The untreated water and the harmful chemicals like DDT and asbestos or lead in the paint. The air is cleaner and most of the water is drinkable! So maybe the EPA has done more good then harm, so far.  Look at countries without such regulation, China; India; Africa, all finding it hard to breath on most days.  That's his idea of the road to greatest?
What about, "Defund Planned Parenthood"?  This is just stupid and will result in the worst health crisis America has ever seen.  PP clinics aren't abortion clinics, in some cases they have been the only health care that poor women have available.  In many states that allow doctors to refuse Medi-Aid participating doctors are few and far apart.  In Pa. I had to travel 16 miles to see a doctor because local doctors did not accept state insurance.  This is just an attack by the religious haters that feel they must control the lives of non-believers.  Trump must accept this for what it is, A HATE CRIME against people who believe differently from him!
What about the countless number of ways he says he will violate the constitution by denying rights to Muslim Americans and "Target and kill the relatives of terrorists"?  Should you be killed if a family member commits a crime that had nothing to do with you?  On and on the madness just pours out of this man.  The things he says about other nations are insane not presidential.
He has strange ideas of foreign policy like, putting the "hedge fund manager Carl Icahn in charge of trade negotiations with China and Japan" instead of in jail where he belongs. On and on the madness continues. If this man weren't wealthy he would be in a mental hospital where he couldn't hurt himself or others.  Trump is not right for America and can never make the US great again.
There is one good idea among the madness, End birthright citizenship, yes a citizen test should be required at birth so that wackos like Trump can be denied citizenship before they can screw up our country!  Why should losers become citizens just because they were born here! Under the strict immigration laws that Trump favors the Drumpf family never would have been allowed into the country in the first place!