Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I guess I have to stop watching documentaries

I think I have to stop watching documentaries.  The ones I have watched lately just make me sad.  "terms and conditions may apply" and "the propaganda game", both on Netflix, show disturbing views of our lives and the lives of people in N.Korea respectively.  "Terms" asks the question ' if you knew that your personal data was being given to the government would you say so much?'  Facebook; Twitter; and other social media sites are the NSA's best source of info on your life.  People don't just give social media their info they brag about what they do!  The NSA loves social media and the fools that tell all. On the other side of the privacy game is "the propaganda game" which tells how misinformation is the only information we get about N. Korea.  Both were frightening views of what a government does to its people.
I for one am afraid of both views but being brain washed to think our system is the best is the most disturbing.  The best system should be one that allows their people to think what they want and have the freedom to say it.  Without fear of incarceration or financial reprisals.  "Terms" tells how a seventh grader was detained by the Secret Service for comments on social media about how the President "had better be careful" because of the "suicide bombers".  Not that he was making a threat, only small talk about the dangers and he was detained!  Watch the show.  It will scare most people out of using social media.
What would it take to get people to share just a little bit less about their every move?  Do you need a shock like having your child detained by the Secret Service or having your credit reduced because you shopped at Wal-Mart?  Yes, having your credit reduced because of where you shopped!  What about being put on a no-fly list because of statements you made to a friend on Facebook?  Could you be a victim of a government pre-crime unit that has predicted that you are likely to commit a crime?  not that you have but that you might, based on something you said in jest.  Would you want to live in a country where jokes are illegal?
I want to see a watchdog program that watches the government and posts their abuses on a website, exposing them in the light.  BUT how can we trust that government moles wont control that program?  Using it to further spread misinformation! Aw crap it disturbs me too much to think about!
I guess I have to stop watching documentaries.