Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The strange case of the alien worshipers

When I heard that some people believe that an alien dropped our souls in a volcano and that he will be back someday to collect us I thought “how weird”!
Then I thought that's not too different from what Christians believe.  An alien made this world so he could create life that would adore and worship him.  He destroyed the world a couple of times just because he didn't like how his creations turned out.  He made a bet with a fallen Angel, another alien race, that Job would love him no matter how bad he made his life.  This alien killed Job's wife and kids, and all his livestock, gave him diseases and turned everyone against him.  Just to prove to this other alien that Job would love and worship him forever.   He destroyed two cities because Lot couldn't find a good man. Then he turned Lot's wife into salt because she turned to look at the devastation.   Aliens called angels are sent down to earth, from his world called Heaven,  to teach us stuff and tell us when bad stuff is going to happen.  The Alien 'GOD' ordered Moses to kill all tribes that have non-believers and inspect their girls to see if they have known man. In public in front of everyone Moses strips the clothes off young girls and checks their virginity.  He kills all the women that have know man.  THAT'S suppose to be normal for Christians.
This Alien found a preteen virgin and made her pregnant with his spirit.  The child is born in a lowly manger and is told he is the King of the Jews, who reject and kill him!  He comes back from the dead, creepy, and become their Deity.  His followers cover the world and kill non-believers for a couple thousand years until the current followers no longer 'follow his words' yet still try to kill non-believers!
His message of Love and Peaceful co-habitation are lost and all that is left is several cults that disagree with each other over what he said, while blowing up clinics and shooting non-believers that perform legal operations.  Still they all believe that they are the chosen ones that will be swept away to Heaven while the rest of the world burns in the fiery ruins of the earth.  I think about some of this and am disgusted by their behavior.  Love and Peaceful co-habitation once meant with everyone but now it means with others that agree with their version of this story. To hell, a hot and bad place, with anyone that disagrees with them.  I may have skipped a few bits along the way but just this bit makes me sick.  How can anyone follow this nonsense with an open mind and still believe it????
If you are still reading this then you must be special!  This is why I can not believe in this nonsense. How about you?  Have you thought about what it would be like to live without Gods?  Without judgment?  Free to explore the world and think about new things, to create things.  Maybe create new life that has never been seen on earth, so I have someone to worship me.  I do this in my computer create new code, that's what we are is code called DNA.  What if I code a new life-form?  Would these Christians kill me because I do not follow their restrictions against almost every form of scientific study.  I wish to live in a world where I can be naked all the time and sex is thought of s natural.  A place where religion is a private thing and no-one needs fear the beliefs of others.  Share this if you agree that people should not be prisoners of a religion that they do not believe in!