Monday, November 2, 2015

Plan ahead. What can it hurt?

I was recently looking for a TV show called Earth2 and was amazed by the great number of disaster movies.  Why are humans so obsessed with disaster movies?  Could it be that they don't realize that the Earth has been here for 4+ billion years (not 6 thousand years) and will most likely exist for another 4+ billion years?!?! What most likely will be the case is that there will be another mass extinction event in which Humans, as we know them, will cease to exist.  Look around at the people in your circle, how many of these idiots do you see surviving a MEE?  How many of you know how to make fire, without a lighter?  How many people can find food or fresh water in a flooded Mega-city?  Are you prepared for a world without electricity or super-mega-stores?  When was the last time you hunted for a live animal for food (not sport)?
You my friend may be ill prepared for what is to come the day after tomorrow.  Your life expectancy is not looking very good if Hackers shut down the power grid. I doubt that more than a small percentage of you will last out a month without cars; smart-phones; or the Internet.  Maybe it’s time to use that selfie-stick to take a picture of your back-side as you kiss it goodbye! Try going one week-end without touching anything electric.  It isn’t going to happen, not in my lifetime anyway.  If you’re like me and you’re feeling a little concerned about global climate change maybe you should stock up on a few survival tools.  There is a solution to the problems that will be here in your lifetime but can you; will you prepare!  What could it hurt to have a portable drinking water filter or some camping gear in a bag, ready to bug out.  AND if you don’t need it you can leave it to the kids that will have to live in a climate so radically different than ours.  You could just deny the scientific facts  that the climate is changing and hide your head up your arse like the Republican party. That way the survivors won't have to worry about what will happen to your unprepared arse, they can just watch you as scramble for food in the empty super-mega-stores.  Maybe the really smart ones will sell you some scrapes at a few hundred dollars a pound.  If you have any money after the banks fail and the ATM’s are under water.  I don’t see it happening and if you think i’ll share, think again.  I’ll be selling drinking water from my water purification system if you got the gold.  Because gold will be the new money and if you don’t have any you can find out if it’s true that man can not live 100 hours without fresh water.  I will gladly help you test that scientific fact.  

Plan ahead.  What can it hurt to spend a few hundred in the sporting goods department now and not have to go without!  If you live by the coast owning a row boat couldn’t hurt either.  If you really need those electric toys then get a hand cranked generator and a few dozen rechargeable batteries.  On eBay you can get a battery charger that turns salt water into electricity for less than $20 or a few solar cell battery packs for around $40.  Chemical heaters, thermal undies and bug nets are a good start toward survival preparedness.  A bug-out bag with two weeks of freeze-dried food and many survival tools cost around $200-$300.  I recommend the best that you can afford and keep the bag in a closet by the door with your cross-bow.  It will not cost a lot to be prepared and if a superstorm hits you will look like a genius instead of the fool in a Red Cross shelter.  

Plan ahead and hope for the best but expect the worst!  

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