Saturday, November 21, 2015

Holiday advice that you didn't ask for!

A major cause of holiday upset is when one party has expectations but never voices them, expecting another to 'just know' what the first party was thinking. Good trick if it can be done but mind reading does not really exist!

We assume people will do things the same way we do, such as be on time for appointments, pay their fair share in a restaurant, and tell us in advance if they’re going to miss a deadline—because that’s what we do. We don’t tell people what we expect from them, because we don’t think we need to.
It’s a little like being frustrated that you were hoping for a new iPad for your birthday but not telling anyone, and then being annoyed when you receive a series of coffee-table books that will go straight to your re-gifting shelf.
you: “How could he not know I wanted an iPad?”
the Voice of reason: “Because you never told him.”
you: “But I shouldn’t have to tell him. He should just know.”
the Voice of reason: “Expecting people to know what you want without telling them is insane."

Do not go insane on the ones you love. Share your thoughts, hopes and dreams. You will be rewarded

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