Sunday, October 20, 2013

The things that I think about are varied and odd at times.  I am a programmer at heart but an electronics repairman by the hand of fate.  My recent adventures into the mind have resulted in a collection of command line apps to handle csv, sql files and MySQL integration.  I had some raw data that I wanted to enter into MySQL but it was not formatted in anything near a compatible state.  I wrote code in C++ to convert a badly formatted csv file into a usable sql file. The resulting file exceeded Phpmyadmin import size and I did not want the user to be required to edit config files so back to the drawing board I went.  An app to read the sql file and perform the commands directly in C++  was my solution.  Although both apps worked really well they are not prefect and can use improvement.  The code can be found at datatips101 , I hope someone can benefit from this code.

Next time I will have an OS review on LinuxMint 15